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Comic Picks of the Week: January 5, 2022


It’s been a while but we are back, bringing you our picks for New Comic Book Day for January 4 & 5, 2022. Our top pick is Detective Comics #1047. It is part 1 of the weekly Shadows of the Bat event by writer Mariko Tamaki & artist Ivan Reis. Here are the rest of our Picks of the Week.


Top Pick of the Week

Topping our comic picks this week for January 5, 2022, is DC Comics’ Shadows of the Bat, beginning in Detective Comics #1047 from writer Mariko Tamaki and artist Ivan Reis. Batman has left Gotham City and it is up to the Bat Family to protect the city in his absence. What awaits them within the walls of the new Arkham Tower, the successor to the infamous Asylum of the same name. Will it shine brighter than its predecessor or will it continue to pull Gotham into the darkness.

Also out this week is the final issue of Inferno. This is the conclusion of Jonathan Hickman’s epic run as the Head of X. Lastly, is issue 3 of the Magic Order 2 from Mark Millar. Readers will get the origins of the Order that has protected the world from the beasts of the dark. What role did the Moonstone family play in its formations?

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