About Me

Theodis Wright

Who Is GrandAdmiral?


Not saying that I’m Batman, but… you know…

Hi, I’m Theo and welcome to GrandAdmiral.net, home of the GrandAdmiral Podcast Network. I’m a New Orleanian by birth and still consider it home. GrandAdmiral has been my nickname since high school, so it’s something that truly sticks with me.




The History of the GrandAdmiral Nickname

Many people think my nickname derived from the infamous character from the Star Wars books. That’s not the case however. My nickname came from the old comic book/cartoon series Robotech. One of the highest ranking officials in the fleet was the Grand Admiral. That source book gave birth to my moniker and I have used it ever since.

If you see a GrandAdmiral on fansites, forums, etc., more than likely it’s me (or maybe not).


What Do I Do?

Well, of course, like most people, I do work full-time, so running this website is something I do for fun and to participate more in the hobbies that I love. What are the things that I love? We’ll discuss that in a second. Anywho… My background is in management in the higher ed administration and human resources arenas. While these aren’t loves are mine, these are the building blocks of my career and makes me the manager that I am today. I work with a group of wonderful people.


The Things That I love…

Outside of family of course, my first love is comic books. I been collecting them since I was a little boy and if not for the event that was Hurricane Katrina, I would likely have more than likely have about 15,000 comic books (damn, you 2005). But alas, I’m dealing with a “measly” 5,000 comics and graphic novels.

Greatest comic book character… EVER!!! (Credit Doug Mahnke, DC Comics)

Now, when it comes to my comics, this guy here to the left tops the cake. Anyone who   knows me knows the one thing to get get on my best side is not food, but Batman – all things Batman. I been a fan with most of his modern history and the Bat books (Batman, Detective Comics, and a ton of others Bat titles) reign over the collection. That’s not to say I’m not looking to add to it (because I am). Long live the Dark Knight.




Now, outside of comics, I also have a thing for history. Don’t ask why cuz I really don’t know myself. It was my worse subject in high school. But it all changed once I started college. Ever since then, I’ve carried that love with me. So, when I’m not reading a comic book, I’m reading about some Civil War battle or some constitutional issue or something of historical significance.

I’m such a dork…