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Comic Picks of the Week: December 28 2022

It’s the end of the year, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t comic books to be released this week, THERE ARE!!! So sit back and take a look at our comic book picks for New Comic Books Day, December 28, 2022.


Topping things off this week (at least for this editor-in-chief) is the next installment of the revived She-Hulk series from Rainbow Rowell. Jen and Jack are becoming closer, but is there more of a connection than first thought after Jen’s encounter with the Hulk-wannabe couple Mark and April Booth. We received bits of answers the last issue. Expect more of the story this week.

And then there’s the final issue of the third installment to Mark Millar’s series The Magic Order. Regan has admitted to using black magic to his own benefit and now, according to the rules of the Order, there’s a price to pay. Will Cordelia follow through with her responsibility as leader to see things through. While this is going on, their parents are on a trek of their own that could have its own price to pay. And don’t forget about good ole Uncle Edgar, who is starting to remember who he truly is.

As always, check back here at next week to find more of our picks.

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