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100+ And Counting…

So, as I was moving stuff around the home office today, I came to a quick realization as I picked up the black BCW comic bin that holds the books I still need to read… I am WAY behind. How far behind, you may ask. Well, the title says it all. The bin is almost full with only one book turned to denote that I have read it.

Geez, how could I have let this happen? Considering I see and read DC comics digitally preparing for reviews and that the majority of the books in my pull list are from DC, I would have thought that that bin wouldn’t be reaching its capacity this soon. But nope. There are a growing number of titles – Vampirella, Seven Secrets, Once & Future, X-Men, and others that have slowly grown on me.

So work has been crazy as of late. Reporting deadlines, projects for the boss, and, of course, there’s this COVID thing that has rattled the country – the world actually – for over a year. Because of my role, things are likely to remain crazy for a while now that most of the healthcare world is going into vaccination mode. So I’ve developed a schedule to try to catch up:

  • I’m pretty caught up on DC books, so no worries there.
  • Any books required for podcasting or reviews will be prioritized, including books for other sites.
  • I am way behind on reading amazing Spider-Man, so I’ll start there this Saturday.
  • X-Books come next.
  • Indies, not including Kickstarter books are up next.
  • Graphic novels and oversized books will be read last.

If all goes well, I should be all caught up by the end of the month. Wish me luck.

What the hell is up with this weather?

Y’all remember how things were over the last few weeks with the weather right? Ice and snow everywhere; busted pipes; no electricity. Just a few days ago it was only 50 degrees here in South Louisiana. Then, it was 81. Then it dropped to 55 before getting to 70 today!!! What in the holy hell? How’s that for climate change?

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