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DC Comics Announces 2nd Round of Round Robin

DC Comics Announces the Second Round of Round Robin
(Credit: DC Comics)

DC Comics announced the participants who made it to the second round of its Round Robin tournament. As described earlier this month, Round Robin is a contest pitting potential DC series against one another with the winner being award an series in the latter part of 2021.

The second round of the tournament pits the like of Robins vs Lobo & Animal Man and well as Blue Beetle vs. Jesse Quick. Not making it to the second round of the tournament included titles featuring Swamp Thing, Nightrunner, and Ambush Bug. The match-ups for round 2 of Round Robin are:



In announcing the second round match-ups, DC Comics also introduced some concept art for each of the participants. See some of this art below:

Cover to Robins (Credit: DC comics)


Concept art for Zantanna and the King of Nightmares (Credit: DC Comics)


Art from Green Lanterns: Underworld of Fire (Credit: DC Comics)


Round 2 of the Round Robin Tournament is going on now and lasts until April 15th. Votes are being accepted either on DC’s Twitter page or in the community section of DCU Infinite.

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