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DC Comics Announces New Prehistoric Adventure in 6-Issue Jurassic League

DC Comics recently announced Jurassic League, a new six-issue mini-series. Jurassic League provides a different look at the entire Justice League, including the Trinity (Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman) as dinosaurs in a world of evolved prehistoric creatures.

The Jurassic League #1 main cover by Daniel Warren Johnson
Jurassic League #1, Cover A by Daniel Warren Johnson (Image credit: DC)

DC Comics describes it as… “Defenders of Truth, Justice, and the Prehistoric Way.”

According to the publisher, this new version of DC’s heroes join forces in an adventure to save prehistoric Earth from Darkseid.

Daniel Warren Johnson provides the script for the mini-series along with Juan Gedeon. Gedeon also serves as the comic’s penciller. Johnson provides the art for all of the main covers. Jurassic League looks to be pure fun.

Bringing the Jurassic League to Life

While speaking with website Polygon, Gedeon explained how he selected the dinosaurs picked for the series. He wanted them to match the personality of the heroes.

“I wanted each Dino to be recognized immediately as the hero they represent,” Gedeon explained. “If anyone saw them and thought ‘which character is this supposed to be?’ it would mean the design was not successful. So I tried to pick a dino that captured the essence of their human counterpart to use as a base.”

To bring these characters to life, Gedeon made Superman a Brachiosaur. Wonder Woman becomes a Triceratops. Batman takes the form of a Allosaurus, a smaller cousin of the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Daniel Warren Johnson had one good reason for bringing Jurassic League to life.

“I dig the Justice League,” Johnson states. “But I dig them more as dinosaurs.”

“Words cannot express how excited I am for this book,” says DC senior editor Katie Kubert in DC’s announcement. “As a life-long dinosaur lover, and a dinosaur tour-guide and fossil preparer for two of the most prestigious natural history museums, this book speaks to my heart and science-soul.”

The Jurassic League #1
(Image credit: DC)

DC Comics’ Jurassic League #1 (of 6) is on sale May 10. And for those who enjoy variant covers, issue #1 will also feature a variant cover drawn by Walt Simonson. Gedeon has a variant cover as well.

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