Marvel Introduces a New Gamma-Powered Team in Gamma Flight
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Marvel Introduces a New Gamma-Powered Team in Gamma Flight

Without a doubt, Immortal Hulk has been a huge hit for Marvel. In issue #8 of the series we were introduced to Gamma Flight, a team of gamma-powered being who were sent to stop the Hulk. They’re on the run, however, for siding with the Hulk instead of capturing him. In the new series announced on Monday, Marvel will take readers on the run as well as the team deals with the human world that is pursuing them in Gamma Flight, written by Al Ewing and Crystal Frasier and art by Lan Medina.

For those not familiar with the current line-up, Gamma Flight consists Doc Sasquatch, Puck, Titania, Rick Jones, and Dr. Charlene McGowan. Unlike the previous rendition of the team, which served as a lower-tiered group under Alpha Flight, Gamma Flight is a team of gamma-powered beings. Also, Gamma Flight includes both Canadian and non-Canadian team members.

Gamma Flight will be Frasier’s debut on a Marvel series (she does have a stories in the upcoming Marvel Voices: Pride #1) after serving as a consultant to Ewing during his run on Immortal Hulk.

“Working with Al last year as a consultant for Immortal Hulk was a wonderful experience,” Frasier said in the announcement. “He’s smart, amazingly creative, and amazingly open to feedback. Collaborating with him to write a full series has been wonderful. It’s so easy to bounce elements back and forth to develop a good idea into a great one. And his knowledge of Hulk minutiae from the last 60 years is truly a thing to behold.”

Al Ewing expressed his excitement for the new series:

Gamma Flight is an opportunity to explore some of the concepts and plant some of the seeds from Immortal Hulk in their own space, building off the found family that came together in those pages and putting them into action against some strange and ugly doings in the unexplored corners of the gamma world,” Ewing said in the statement. “We’ve been ricocheting ideas off each other for a while on this one, and I suspect the result is something that’ll tickle Hulk fans old and new.”

Gamma Flight #1 hits the stands in shops and digitally on June 23rd.

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